Thailand is a beautiful country, full of culture and exotic natural scenery. Thailand is a very welcoming place, which is generally extremely safe even for the solo traveler.

To enter Thailand, you need a valid passport and a Visa. Most nationalities can get a 15 or 30-days Visa-on-arrival directly at the airport at no cost, although if you plan to stay longer, you will need to apply for a Tourist Visa at your local embassy.

Find more info about Thailand tourist visas here:


Thailand has several international airports, but the two most convenient entry points are Bangkok and Phuket.

Several airlines connect Thailand to the USA, South America, Europe and Australia. Check your cheapest flying option on Skyscanner:


From Bangkok:

You can reach Koh Pha Ngan from Bangkok in two ways: either by Bus+Boat, or by airplane+boat. Koh Pha Ngan does not have its own airport but there are three nearby airports: Koh Samui, Surat Thani and Nakhon Si Thammarat.

The Bus+Boat option is usually the cheapest; buses will leave at around 6pm daily and you will arrive in Koh Pha Ngan the next morning. The "joint ticket" (bus+boat) can be purchased at any travel agency in Bangkok, and it should cost around 40 USD. 

Note: ask for the "government bus" or "VIP bus" to ensure a safe and comfortable trip.

If you would rather use the Airplane+Boat option, the following airlines provide the possibility to buy the joint ticket from Bangkok to Koh Phangan (airplane+boat):

Note: all the above airlines except Bangkok Airways fly from Bangkok's "secondary" airport Don Muang, not from the main airport (Suvarnabhumi). Bangkok Air does not sell airplane+boat tickets to Koh Pha Ngan, and will fly into Koh Samui. From Koh Samui, you will need to take a boat to reach Koh Pha Ngan (30 mins approx).

From Phuket

You can book a joint Bus+Boat ticket at any travel agency in Phuket.

As an alternatives, you can fly into Koh Samui or any or the airports near Koh Pha Ngan. Please refer to the list of airlines in the section "From Bangkok".

Note: ask for the "government bus" or "VIP bus" to ensure a safe and comfortable trip.

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West Coast resort is situated in a cove in the western part of Koh Phangan. The coral reef is very close, and Serenity is a wonderful place for easy diving with tropical fishes.

West Coast resort features a Thai chef who will cook us delicious meals. One of the outstanding advantages of staying at serenity is access to a private pool adjacent to a nearly private beach just steps away for us to enjoy for the entire duration of the training.


West Coast Resort is beautiful during the daytime, and it becomes a magical place at night. The lights on either side of the beach light up, and the fishermen's boats sprinkle the ocean. A soft warm breeze usually sweeps the little private beach at night, refreshing the air and bringing exotic scents with it.



West Coast Resort and the neighboring Dragon & Had Gurad Resorts offer plenty of cozy, luminous rooms with comfortable beds.

Please note that the weather in Thailand is warm day and night. Most people only use a sheet to sleep under, and prefer showering with cool water.

All rooms are shared unless otherwise specified.  

Standard Rooms feature private bathroom with warm water, wifi and ac. Rooms include 2 Twin Beds .

Alternatively, you can find your own accommodation. If you chose this option, note it on your booking with the pulldown for Own Accom, as there is a $200 discount. If you have your own space, you will need a motorbike which is easy to rent in many places. Had Yao & Had Salad area are the closest to our resort.